Posted on 29 Jan 2014

JAM3 | Royale Canadian Mint

A 72,000 pixel-wide scrolling experience celebrating the one hundred year anniversary of the 1913 Canadian Arctic Expedition. Read More »
Posted on 19 Jan 2014


For the Christmas Price Index’s 30th anniversary this year, Deutsch NY and Mediamonks decided to offer up something a little different. Visitors to the PNC Christmas Price Index website will be given the opportunity to digitally build and customize their own versions of the gifts from the carol. The 3-D Gift Maker features twelve toys with customizable accessories, all designed by Invisible Creature. Visitors... Read More »
Posted on 19 Jan 2014


Holiday Home Decorator for Allstate by Leo Burnett and Resn lets you enter your home address or use a standard house, and then decorate with a number of items including lights, candles, trees and presents. You can also control the intensity of the snowfall. Depending on your actions, you will be interrupted by a different kind of mayhem, which acts as... Read More »
Posted on 30 Sep 2013


BBDO and MediaMonks created Second Screen March Madness as you play and predict in this interactive, multiplayer game of H.O.R.S.E. Play against friends on mobile and tablet as you tap and and swipe your way across live NCAA games. Read More »
Posted on 12 Jun 2013


TOOL teamed with Burrell to creative the interactive chase film Only the Name Remains staring Karate Kid’s Martin Kove. Built in HTML5 it is a smooth experience that uses the cars new features to help catch our bad guy. Read More »
Posted on 12 Jun 2013


The new Nitrocharge boot for Adidas is all about energy for your Engine. MediaMonks teamed with Tribal Amsterdam for this bone crushing experience that allows you to control the on screen player via websocket technology. You are his engine. MM was tasked with all the live-action, post, animation, and interactive development. Read More »
Posted on 08 Nov 2012


TOOL OF NA‘s Ben Tricklebank creative directed this experimental, interactive Web app called Jam with Chrome. It lets friends jam together from different locations…directly from their (Chrome) browser. Tapping the latest Web tech, including HTML5-based features such as the Web Audio API, Websockets, Canvas and CSS3, Jam with Chrome lets you select nineteen different instruments, including guitars, drums and keyboards.... Read More »
Posted on 18 Oct 2011


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