Posted on 25 Apr 2014

Apple celebrates Earth Day in this eco conscious film directed by Slim Pictures duo ZCDC. Read More »
Posted on 19 Jan 2014


Autofuss and TOOL OF NA’s Scott Hicks teamed up for a much more positive ending then the story they were highlighting. Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is among the classics and best-sellers that can be read on the Google Nexus 7. Read More »
Posted on 19 Jan 2014


duotone conspired once again with boutique agency OppermanWeiss and RSA films for Tullamore Dew’s “The Other Wall”, hailed by AdAge as “the envy of other booze ads”. Read More »
Posted on 19 Jan 2014


Legendary Italian American Indy 500, 24 Hours of Daytona, Daytona 500 winner and Formula 1 Champion Mario Andretti is at the center of a new GT6 First Love campaign in which GT fans get to take part in a historic rebuild project by BBH | NY and TOOL of NA. The First Love Campaign is broken into three “Chapters:” Andretti, Live Build, and Reunion. Read More »
Posted on 31 Oct 2013


Check out this Halloween worthy spot of the day from Tool of North America’s Tom Routson. This spot for DieHard quickly viewed  millions of times in under a week! Read More »
Posted on 28 Oct 2013


Duotone Audio, CAA, & Fiona Apple create another beautiful story for Chipotle that takes an ultra-critical look at Big Food in order to highlight its own sustainably-sourced ethos. Read More »
Posted on 30 Sep 2013


That moustachioed fellow at the coffee shop may look like just another hirsute hipster, but don’t write him off as genteel and harmless. He might, in fact, be possessed by alien facial hair that’s trying to take over the world. Sound too strange to be true? This is the story imagined by the creatives at Pereria & O’Dell and... Read More »
Posted on 29 Jun 2013


MEDIAMONKS teamed with Mother NY to create the Stella Artois Chalice Factory Tour gives people a chance to witness and interact with the fantastic chalice crafting process. Using the Google Voice Search API to create “ALICE”, your voice activated guide. Read More »
Posted on 12 Jun 2013


The Defector: Case Study from Jam3 on Vimeo. JAM3 launched a new interactive documentary in collaboration with Fathom Film Group entitled The Defector. It’s an emotional online experience, which allows users to engage in the stories of real life defectors, their brave attempts to escape North Korea and the dangerous journey to freedom. The Defector is aesthetically quite different... Read More »
Posted on 12 Jun 2013


TOOL teamed with Burrell to creative the interactive chase film Only the Name Remains staring Karate Kid’s Martin Kove. Built in HTML5 it is a smooth experience that uses the cars new features to help catch our bad guy. Read More »
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