Posted on 29 Jan 2014

JAM3 | Royale Canadian Mint

A 72,000 pixel-wide scrolling experience celebrating the one hundred year anniversary of the 1913 Canadian Arctic Expedition. Read More »
Posted on 21 Jan 2014


EA’s agency Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam and RESN created an experience unlike any we’ve seen. makes the online experience come alive with a full-size, true-to-life, online avatar of star Argentine footballer Lionel Messi. How? With seriously accelerated graphics and some artificial intelligence that causes Avatar LEO–Messi’s alter ego–to react to a user’s behavior. Read More »
Posted on 19 Jan 2014


Autofuss and TOOL OF NA’s Scott Hicks teamed up for a much more positive ending then the story they were highlighting. Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is among the classics and best-sellers that can be read on the Google Nexus 7. Read More »
Posted on 19 Jan 2014


For the Christmas Price Index’s 30th anniversary this year, Deutsch NY and Mediamonks decided to offer up something a little different. Visitors to the PNC Christmas Price Index website will be given the opportunity to digitally build and customize their own versions of the gifts from the carol. The 3-D Gift Maker features twelve toys with customizable accessories, all designed by Invisible Creature. Visitors... Read More »
Posted on 19 Jan 2014


For the first-ever TomorrowWorld, an international offshoot of the European electronic music festival Tomorrowland, Google hired Jam3 to make a live stream experience that was totally engaging, digitally mesmerizing and uniquely customizable. In providing global access to the music, interviews and backstage parties that made up the event, the brief was to create a desktop and tablet experience –... Read More »
Posted on 19 Jan 2014


Holiday Home Decorator for Allstate by Leo Burnett and Resn lets you enter your home address or use a standard house, and then decorate with a number of items including lights, candles, trees and presents. You can also control the intensity of the snowfall. Depending on your actions, you will be interrupted by a different kind of mayhem, which acts as... Read More »
Posted on 19 Jan 2014


duotone conspired once again with boutique agency OppermanWeiss and RSA films for Tullamore Dew’s “The Other Wall”, hailed by AdAge as “the envy of other booze ads”. Read More »
Posted on 19 Jan 2014


Legendary Italian American Indy 500, 24 Hours of Daytona, Daytona 500 winner and Formula 1 Champion Mario Andretti is at the center of a new GT6 First Love campaign in which GT fans get to take part in a historic rebuild project by BBH | NY and TOOL of NA. The First Love Campaign is broken into three “Chapters:” Andretti, Live Build, and Reunion. Read More »
Posted on 19 Jan 2014


Shanghai shoppers are transported into the vivid world of sports training in this one of a kind immersive retail experience. In order to take the Chinese market by storm, HUSH designed the sensory-challenging space specifically to transcend cultural and language barriers, Read More »
Posted on 08 Nov 2013


After six years in Middle Earth producing and selling award-winning work at interactive powerhouse RESN. Matt Walsh joins HUSTLE to open the West Coast office and lead all new business to our agency and brand clients in that territory. Send him a message via falcon or email at   Read More »
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